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Quality assurance

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The company has established a relatively independent quality management system and quality assurance system, has passed the IATF16949 quality management system certification. Standardize the quality management of the production site, implement process inspection, and ensure the quality control of the production site. All industrial departments shall carry out mass QC quality improvement activities and implement the economic responsibility system assessment of quality rejection.

The company carries on the strict performance test to the production process, has the type, the core, the sand each data complete set of test instruments; Rapid analysis of chemical composition of molten iron in front of furnace was carried out by vacuum direct reading spectrometer of spac analytical instruments. Nodular iron site metallographic inspection and product size inspection and physical properties testing, and ultrasonic flaw detection device and other non-destructive flaw detection equipment to inspect the products, at the same time to establish a resume card for product traceability verification, to prevent defective casting flow into the next process.